Sunday, 18 March 2012

What have we been doing then?

Well well well! It seems I have neglected my blog for a while... naughty naughty! It has been such a busy couple of weeks what with trying to complete the animating. It is a very different process to my usual stop motion medium. But I have enjoyed doing something different. I am coming to grips with the process now and actually feel quite comfortable with 2d medium.

As I said I have been concentrating on the animating side of things. My usual animating times tend to be from 9am til 7:30pm... here is a photo to prove it.

Once the lengthy process of animating is done I look forward to putting my film together and making it look lovely I would not have got as much done had I not made use of the studio being open until late.
I have updated my animatic with the line tests I have done. Click here to have a sneaky peak!

I have had fellow animator Elodie Markwell assist me with the inking side of things so I can put all my effort into getting the animation done and dusted. We make a good team and I wouldn't be on track without her.

Scanning my clean inked frames was something I had fallen behind on, so I speant a good afternoon this week scanning all the nice frames in.

Here is the first ''little'' pile of inked frames that were scanned...

Still a way to go, but there will be more updates later on in the week. I shall try not to leave it so long this time.