Friday, 17 February 2012

Feeble running test

I have many tests on the linetesters at uni, this shot was a very quick one so I could sort it at home. I have completed about 4-5 shots so far... But I need to press on! I am starting to feel more confident with the method of 2d tradtional animation. I think it is starting to suit my way of working. I don't have many 2nd year animation students but I have my fellow 3rd years such as Elodie Markwell, Lauren Dorling and Jacqui Davis to lend me a helping hand where needed. 
I am also on with looking for music for my animation. I have found quite a nice jazzy piece which sounds very 1940's/50's cartoon. So this is very good. It is royalty free and I just have to credit Kevin Macleod from
Very useful!

More sneaky peaks on their way soon!

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